Mitzi the MGA Roadster
Sally The MGB Roadster

Ok... I admit it.. I'm a fan of MGs
The style and design of these beautiful cars really 'grabs' me.

But... let's be honest... They are a bit agricultural

This website is called '' so obviously my plans for MG restoration would not be appreciated by anyone who insists on totally original 'concourse' specification.

If the thought of a modified MGA or MGB roadster make you feel ill then I suggest you stop reading now!

My original intention for this website was to document the restoration of, and my life with, 'Sally the MGB'
A recent trip to the USA, and a visit to a classic car dealer whilst I was there, has disturbed my dedication to Sally...
I have fallen in love with the MGA!
Now, my intention is to restore Sally as planned and run her for a couple of years whilst I save frantically for: 'Mitzi the MGA' :)