Mitzi the MGA Roadster
Sally The MGB Roadster

Updates Sally's interior\seatbelts with some new info

Sally's Blog update

Updated Sally's 'Blog' today with pictures of a few nice goodies Santa brought me :)
Started work on a new 'Mobile' vewrsion of Sally's website so people with hand-held devices can see the website better

Revamped Sally's 'Blog' pages to make them easier to navigate

New 'front-end' for the website as I have split it into two
I have created two 'sub-domains' one each for Sally & Mitzi
Started work on the new 'Mitzi' website

Well today I had a bit of a shock!
'Plusnet' where I used to publish all my website files, decided to take everything off-line and archive all my websites because I had "breached my terms & conditions" 
This was done without warning!
One of the websites is for my business!
I was NOT happy to say the least!

I later discovered that my 'breach' was too much traffic to the site

If they had contacted me and asked me for more money to cope with the extra traffic or made some other compromise then I would have been ok with that.
However, after archiving my sites they decided to wait TWO DAYS before they told me!
Extreemly unprofessional!
They then forced me to write a grovelling letter stating I would not do it again, so that I could get the files reinstated.

Let's be honest, I was PI$$ED.

So... I now have all my websites hosted on 'OneAndONe' (where I originally created all my domains anyway)
They provide unlimited webspace and allow unlimited traffic at a very reasonable price

I have also used Plusnet for my business broadband for about 10 years...
As soon as the holidays are over they are going to be replaced, probably with a BT Business account - not sure yet.
I have BT Infinity on my other (personal) phoneline and have been very happy with the service and at upto 40mb with the speed too

So... bye, bye Plusnet...